Harajuku is an Etsy shop created by JoEllen Stooks that features her line of handmade swimwear. This is something I was surprised to learn about, as I would never think to look for swimwear on Etsy. However, once you see JoEllen's designs I think you will be excited to discover this gem. The swimsuit designs, such as the one shoulder Cabana stripe bikini, are very unique. I love the print & the form of the tapestry print halter bikini. And being a big fan of Andy Warhol's pop artwork, I love the pop art bikini. The emerald green shirred front bikini reminds me of something screen sirens wore in the 40s. Beautiful! I believe the pirate skulls bandeau bikini will be a big hit, as well. Have a look at JoEllen's website, too, which features more swimwear for men & women. You can also purchase her designs through the Stars & Infinite Darkness site.


sulu-design said...

I'm so glad that you featured this shop. I never would have thought to look for swimwear on etsy, either, and now I'm starting to think about lots of other things that I could search for there. I love how you open readers' eyes to the possibility of buying so much from independent designers.

KiWi said...

if I had the figure of that mannequin, I'd buy one of each of her designs. Gorgeous.