Plush For Pup

According to the blog, Plush For Pup is a non-profit, friendly group of individuals with the common goal of helping abandoned baby animals and neutering/spaying adult animals to prevent this catastrophy from happening again in the following years.

If you want to help, you can donate any of the items listed on the site such as blankets & stuffed animals. Or, if you'd like, you can sponsor a snuggle puppy or kitten which is a realistic stuffed animal that breathes, coo's, and has a heartbeat. They are given to abandoned animals to help prevent seperation anxiety & are $27 each. You get to choose which design you'd like to sponsor & you'll receive a thank you note from the puppy or kitten that is using it.

There will also be an art raffle to raise funds. Submissions should be in by June 1st & raffle tickets must be purchased by June 15th. Check out the Flickr group for more info, too.