Cherry Momma

If you're a Momma who's looking for clothing that's a little more rock 'n roll than cutsie tootsie, then Cherry Momma is the shop for you. Started by stylish mom Leila Wylie, Cherry Momma is full of clothing & accessories that are hip and fun. The tees and onsies are weathered to give them a soft vintage feel. I absolutely love the live fast, nap hard design, as well as Rock 'n Roll Sweetheart. There's also several handmade dresses that are adorable. The skulls and Elvis designs are too cool! Be sure to check out all the cool accessories, as well.


*fauve* said...

oew this is cute!

I recently edited my banner in photoshop,but when i post it on my's all blurry :(
I have no idea what i am doing wrong!

Brandy said...

Hey! Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. :) I do love your banner that you made, and the one on your blog is really nice, too.

SiewlengH said...

Love these cute shirts!!! Will be sharing with some friends for sure.

Leila Wylie said...

Eek, thanks so much for the mention! I love your blog! What a wonderful surprise. =)