Petticoats on the Prairie

Joe and I recently trekked out to West Texas, where I am originally from, and attended a wonderful event called Petticoats on the Prairie. I have wanted to attend one of these events for quite some time & we were lucky enough to squeeze in a quick family visit along with attending the event held in Colorado City, Texas. I don't think people around the world, as well as many Texans, realize how vastly different the landscape throughout Texas is or how quickly it changes. We drove from the Piney Woods of East Texas, which is lush with trees, through the Metroplex (lush with concrete & traffic), to West Texas featuring mesquite & wind turbines, finally to arrive in the cotton-dotted Western Plains (ie: so flat you feel you can see for 100+ miles)! As a born & bred Texan, it still blows me away to see the different landscapes. (photo from Petticoats on the Prairie Facebook page)

We opted to attend the event on Friday & arrived right at noon when general shopping began. I am glad we did as I have a feeling it was slim pickings come Saturday! The event was held at the Mitchell Co. Fairgrounds which seemed to me to be the perfect setting for this event that had a strong Western flair. The vendors sold a wide variety of things that included hand-crafted items, vintage & new items. We saw so many gorgeous displays throughout. I wanted to highlight a few of the many terrific vendors we had the pleasure of meeting. (That's me on the right; Joe down below)

Outside near the entrance was an Airstream trailer that the Rhinestone Gypsie's Vagabond Boutique started out in. These ladies offer a wide variety of on-trend clothing in sizes small to 3X which is pretty rare. They offer a number of Texas-based artisans' jewelry, art & other treasures. It's so wonderful to see women entrepreneurs helping out other female business owners! They have two store-front locations in Texas (Merkel and Abilene), but also sell online through their website & Facebook.

Joe & I were both drawn to Old Sole Boot Company. They offer high-quality vintage boots for both men & women & there were some real beauties for sale! We also loved the hand-crafted custom furniture offered by Canon's Custom Furniture. Cody Canon is a real talent when it comes to hand-crafting gorgeous sturdy pieces. Basement Creations, featuring unique jewelry & accessories, had a great set up. I loved her bright creations & really appreciated that everything was displayed in such a way that it was easy to view each piece. I also loved the beautiful children's goods created by Espee Trading Co. out of Midland, Texas. The luxury nap mats looked so comfy & I LOVED the quilted bronc! Texas Trash and Treasures was also a definite funky find. This couple's whimsical art pieces looked to be a hit with many customers. And I couldn't resist purchasing the Monkey Farts soap by Made to Lather!

If we had to pick our favorites though, Joe's would definitely be In a Pickle Foods based out of Fort Worth. I don't know how we haven't come across these delectable treats before, but thankfully we discovered them at Petticoats! I was busy shopping at the booth next to In a Pickle so I didn't get to sample all the goodies, but Joe purchased the Sweet & Spicy Pickle Chips and the Bread & Butter Pickle Chips. Both are DELICIOUS!!! Joe has been rationing them out & is already talking about getting more!

(photo from the In A Pickle Foods website)

While Joe was taste testing 'til his heart was content, I was sniffing away at the Screen Door Vintage booth. Austin-based friends Charity & Jen (pictured) offer a wide variety of scented candles in various vintage containers. I loved their products because, hey, everyone loves a candle, right? And also because once the candle is used up, you are left with an adorable vintage container that can be repurposed. The duo had created a special scent aptly named Colorado City that smelled like Autumn which I loved! Screen Door Vintage also has a Facebook page with more info & photos.

Thank you to the wonderful event organizers & all the talented vendors who set up at Petticoats on the Prairie!
We had a delightful time in West Texas!!!


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