Event Sponsor: Creative Collective Fort Worth

Creative Collective Fort Worth

Creative Collective Fort Worth, located at 3526 W. Vickery Blvd. in Fort Worth, Texas, is a collective of local artisans, craftsmen & vintage "pickers" selling their wares in a micro boutique setting. With the motto Re-purposed, Up-cycled, and Unique Handmade Items, Creative Collective FW provides a one-stop opportunity to buy directly from a variety of local makers, creators and collectors.

This shop is filled with tons of uniquely hand-crafted items, as well as many vintage pieces you won't find anywhere else. The various artisans offer items ranging from paintings to quilts and everything in between. One of the most interesting collections features carved wooden angels (pictured - click for larger view) created by a teenage girl! I love discovering young funky finds!

Creative Collective Fort Worth

We are excited to have Creative Collective on-board as a fall event sponsor as it's a perfect tie-in for what we do. Which is of course promote handmade! Attendees will have the opportunity to visit with the store owner, Angela Estrada, at the event. Be sure to follow the Creative Collective blog and Facebook page for updates & more information. And see more photos of our recent visit to the shop via Facebook.

If you are interested in possibly selling your work through Creative Collective, here is some basic information.

1. All items are either up-cycled (an old lamp redone with hand painted shade), re-purposed (a suitcase made into a dog bed) or handmade.

2. Artists are selected on a jury basis. Six to eight pictures are requested of your work and a panel of artists will decide whether or not your creations will work at the shop (this varies from season to season as our offerings change).

3. Rents range from $90 (small table space) to $200 (large wall space) a month on a six month lease and are possible as space is available.

Please email angela@creativecollectivefortworth.com to submit your inquiry.