FriedaSophie is a jewelry designer based in San Francisco, California. Her handcrafted organic modern nature-based mineral stone jewelry in unusual colors sets her products apart from the masses. FriedaSophie says that she is passionate about designing & she feels that her jewelry adds a new fresh & modern style to the world of accessories. Using carefully selected gemstones in combination with sterling silver & 14k gold, each piece makes a bold statement. The Green Chrysoprase Triangle Necklace (pictured) is a perfect example of this.

Each piece is so gorgeous & feminine, making it hard to narrow down which ones to feature here. I love turquoise, especially for Spring & Summer, and the Rectangle Turquoise Earrings (pictured) are exceptional, as is the 14k gold Turquoise Rondelle Necklace. If I had to choose an absolute favorite, I believe I would choose the Onyx Ametyst Cluster Earrings because the color combination & shape are so wonderful.

To see some of FriedaSophie's one-of-a-kind pieces that are sold out, visit her Tumblr site. Also, Funky Finds readers will receive FREE SHIPPING with coupon code FREEBLOG.


Allison said...

Beautiful, thanks for finding!