Tiny Hands Jewelry

Tiny Hands Jewelry features unique food-themed jewelry that is scented! I don't know about you, but as a kid I LOVED scented stickers, toys, etc. so this really takes me back to those good times. Mei, the designer behind Tiny Hands, has been creating expertly crafted & customizable scented jewelry since 2006. In the last two years, she's added a ton of new products ranging from bubblegum-scented rainbow lollipops to blueberry pie slices.

Whether you're a sophisticated foodie or just appreciate quirky, fun accessories, Tiny Hands has something for just about every style. The scented birthday cupcake necklace makes a great gift for those celebrating another year wiser. And the mint chocolate chip ice cream necklace is sure to make you feel just a tad bit cooler on hot summer days. Don't have much of a sweet tooth? No problem! Check out the sushi and bubble tea charms.

Another great addition to Tiny Hands Jewelry, is their use of Polyvore, the web's largest fashion community site. Since figuring out what to wear with food jewelry can be difficult for some people, Polyvore shows assembled outfits to go with Tiny Hands jewelry. The outfits range from cute, comfortable summer clothes to a 1990s grunge-style sundress and combat boots.

Every Tiny Hands order comes in a special gift box, tied with a satin ribbon making each purchase ready for gift-giving...or self-indulgence! Receive FREE SHIPPING on any order with coupon code FUNKYSHIPPING. Offer expires August 15, 2012. Learn more about Tiny Hands Jewelry via Facebook and their blog.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I actually make jewelry for a living, and I'm always looking for unique things that I don't see every day. You may not want to tell me (for obvious reasons), but can I ask where I would find charms like these and other uncommon charms (like the rainbow stacking toy from childhood)? I'm having trouble locating MANY charms that I could express my company's theme with. My company is still very small, so I don't have a website yet. I've been looking to set up a website for free, but "free" doesn't seem to exist... :-) Could you PLEASE email me at: tantrumincorporated@rocketmail.com ? I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thank you, even if you can't expose your sources!