Creative Block

Creative Block

We've all had periods where we feel totally UN-inspired & have a bit of creative block. I felt that way recently & asked on Funky Finds' Facebook page what you do when you feel that way. Some suggested taking a break from crafting altogether, but many suggested visiting Pinterest for tons of inspiration.

Are you on Pinterest? If not, let me warn you now...the site is highly addictive & a complete time suck! But, definitely a great place for tons of inspiration. If you currently utilize Pinterest, please leave a link to your boards. I'd love to see what you've discovered! Here's where you can find my "pins."

Lauren!! :D i get inspired there :D

Marti said...I take some time off..I walk away from the craft table when I'm really not in the zone. Orrrr...I'll listen to my favorite music in my craft room or journaling always helps me get back into the groove."

Brandi said...I force myself to do something mundane or tedious (like laundry or balancing the bank account) - it almost immediately reminds me how much i enjoy being creative.

Maria said...That usually happens to me when i craft non-stop - I just take a break from it - usually a very, very short break! LOL =)

Casey said...I second Also, going to thrift stores can help, too. Going through the old dresses and skirts, there's always really fun or funky patterns and colors going on. said...I also love pinterest! I'm also a big fan of really bright home improvement magazines- the color is like a shot of creative adrenaline!

Sadie's Everyday said...Pinterest is good to help break the block, also just browsing Etsy! Going shopping helps me, to see trends, etc.

And be sure to check out this article on Handmadeology that has tips to help with creativity block.