Smaller Box

Smaller Box is a site that was founded by busy indie entrepreneurs and is full of helpful info & tips for small biz owners. The about page says, "We're not anything like the Best Buys and Walmarts of the world. We're not big box, we're smaller box." Definitely something we can relate to, so I wanted to direct your attention to the site in case you're not already familiar with it. I subscribe to the Creative Entrepreneur's Newsletter that is always filled with links to great information.

The latest newsletter included:

Selling at Shows - How We Sold Thousands of Dollars in Product in 14 Hours Despite Pouring Down Rain

Getting Your Products in Stores: Consignment, Wholesale & Drop Shipping

14 Questions Your Product Page Should Answer

And much more! The Smaller Box blog is filled with similar content that is sure to help out any small biz owner. I hope you find it as helpful & inspiring as I do! Check 'em out on Facebook, too.