With Earth Day just a few days away, I wanted to introduce you to the eco-friendly fashions at Spreadshirt.com, the leading multi-channel clothing commerce for designing personalized tees & other apparel. While the phrase “organic fashion” is gaining popularity, many of you may think that “eco-friendly” doesn’t equal “fashion-friendly”. But, with the help of celeb support & over $521 million dollars spent on sustainable fashion each year, Spreadshirt is changing the way consumers view such fashions.

Spreadshirt offers a variety of organic fashion for women, men & even babies. The site allows you to create a customized tee that expresses your love for Mother Nature, or you can create your own design on an organic tee. It’s that easy! To celebrate Earth Day and the rise of organic fashions actually being fashionable, Spreadshirt is offering 20% off your entire order with the purchase of two organic items through May 4th. Celebrate Earth Day with Spreadshirt and show the world that organic fashion IS fashionable!