Tiny Hands Jewelry

In my opinion, everything is adorable in "mini" form. Mei of Tiny Hands Jewelry seems to be on the same page, specializing in custom miniature food jewelry. Her line features items like cupcakes, pancakes, waffles, sushi, shortcake, and lots more. Mei has recently released a number of new products, some of which come scented with delicious scents like maple butter cream and chocolate banana. Yummy! You can purchase these little foods, all less than an inch in size, in the form of charms, bracelets, and rings - all of which are sure to add whimsical interest to your wardrobe. Check out Mei's blog for contest info, updates and more.


jelly said...

These are so awesome and her blog is adorable.

CreatedandFelted said...

I do love little tiny things, Iguess it's why so many of my felt bags are little dinky ones!!!