This week Joe and I have had a lot of fun product testing the SNIF Tag. This is the perfect item for pet owners who have wondered what their dog is doing during the day, or if the dog walker showed up and took Fido out for the right amount of time. The SNIF Tag is a small, stylish and comfortable tag that easily attaches to your dog's collar. It records your dog's daily movements and social encounters then uploads them to your online profile. We were able to set up our kit in a short amount of time. Once you set up the dock and connect it to your internet, you are ready to set up you & your pet's profile online. This enables you to network with other pet owner's, including those in your area. Our Labrador, Beau Bradley, has already made friends online!

I think the SNIF Tag would be especially beneficial to urban pet owners that walk their dog's frequently & visit dog parks. By seeing fellow pet owners online, you are able to begin meeting those who live in your neighborhood, as well as those who own the same breed as you do. The starter kit is comprised of the SNIF Tag, the SNIF wireless base station that charges the tag, additional customizable lenses & rim, and a connection cable - everything you need to get started. The initial price also includes a one year premium subscription to the online pet activity monitoring service and social site. This is definitely a funky, unique item or gift idea for pet owners.