Cardboard Duvet for a Cause

Peggy van Neer & Erik van Loo launched a private initiative to raise money for the homeless. The creative duo designed a high-quality duvet cover that features a photographic print of a cardboard box. The image is extremely sharp image, but the fabric stays flexible because the ink is printed directly in the cotton & will remain so even after frequent washing. The project's aim is to have consumers sleep under a cardboard box so a homeless person doesn't have to. Set up to raise money and awareness for Dutch homeless youngsters, the project is a big success in the Netherlands. From the money they have raised they have already completely furnished a new shelter for homeless teenage mothers. The rest of the money goes into the projects of SZN where homeless teens are guided into finishing their education and/or finding a job and a place to live. England and Denmark are now also selling the cardboard duvet and thus raising money and awareness for English and Danish homeless shelters. Americans interested in buying a cardboard box duvet can do so through the English website Dutch by Design that ships worldwide.