Ron and Joe

Recently I had the opportunity to try out Ron and Joe's order process for creating a custom Many Parts O' Me tee. I decided to create the tee for Joe as a surprise & had fun choosing nine graphics that describe his unique personality. I was a bit apprehensive at first seeing that Ron and Joe have over 400 Art Part images to choose from. But their system is actually very easy to navigate. Within minutes I had the graphics picked out & my order sent on its way. The turnaround time was very fast & Joe loved his new tee! Ron and Joe also sell their Parts images, as well as letter parts. The company is currently having a June July Jubilee where you can save 10-35% off everything on their site.


Inka said...

this is such a cool site!
i think i want to have these for me and mika. :)
if they sell international...

Joe the Pro said...

I can report that I truly like the shirt Jessica got for me.

As I was looking down the images I was like, how did they know this was me and put it on a shirt?!?!

But then Jess told me she put it together on their website and I was impressed.

I like my shirt, Thank Ron and Joe

AND Jessica!!