KB VanHorn is the creative force behind Kokoleo, a unique shop featuring a variety of handmade goods. There's something for just about everyone at Kokoleo. The children's clothing section is full of wonderful designs. I love the sundresses that are made using vintage materials & the tee and skirt sets are adorable. KB also creates terrific personalized items ranging from tees & aprons to banners. Grownups will find plenty of items at Kokoleo, as well. The All Tied Up top, created using thirteen ties, is fabulous! Thank you to Kokoleo for donating several items to the children's goods giveaway. I will be announcing all the winners later today.


Dallas Designing-Diva said...

What a cutie in that darling dress!

Melissa Aubrey said...

That dress is so sweet! I love this blog, I'll be checking back often! Melissa