Cupid Strikes

Sometimes Love Hurts as shown in this delightful cactus pin cushion (pictured) designed by Sheasy. The heart-felt sachets are also adorable.

Tell your loved one you're My Kind of Valentine with these great cards by Elfrida. The beautiful red birds have a great Valentine feel, as well.

I have always been fascinated with stained glass. What Valentine wouldn't be delighted to receive one of the stained glass hearts created by Dias y Flores?

Bojangled Jewels has tons of terrific items, including My Heart is Ticking. (pictured) This necklace features tons of tiny antique watch gears atop layered silver hearts. So unique! The locked & tied key and bow necklace is another fav of mine.

If you'd like to create something special for you Valentine, check out the mini album kits & paper goods available at Scraps of Time. The Choose Me kit is full of delightful goodies perfect for celebrating your love. And don't miss the adorable add-on kits.

I never really liked the taste of those chalky candy hearts I always seem to receive around Valentine's Day. But the candy heart jewelry by DC Designs seem a lot more appealing. I especially love the lime green Cutie pie necklace. The Pool of Love is another design that really caught my eye.

The Funky Felter creates lots of unique hand-felted wool accessories. You'll find lots of colorful heart items perfect for Valentine's Day. I love the heart pendants, hair pins, and colorful rings. (pictured)


Shalana, the funky felter said...

totally LoVE your blog! what an honor that you featured my felted hearts collection - thank you!

Funky Joe D. said...

I love art!!! These are amazing finds! The cards are very pretty too >> so Jessica!!

d-c-designs said...

Thanks so much for your kind words about my Valentine's stuff. Aren't those candy hearts awful. They make much better jewelry. :)
Love the blog! Will have to add it to my ever going links page. Thanks again! :)

The Two Smiling Girls said...

Thank you Jessyca for talking about our hearts!

Have a nice Valentine's Day!!!

Anonymous said...

I heart anything with hearts, but you already know that....Thanks for featuring all of this, Jess! - Your Funky Street Team

Felicia said...

How can you resist DC's mean candy jewelry? They're so cute :)

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Cute cactus pin cushion!

robyn's nest said...

Those heart rings are totally cute!

Cindi @ Rustique Art said...

What a sweetHEART you are...Thank you for the write up and the wonderful words of encouragment. I enjoyed talking to you and your hubby on Saturday and so thankful that you made it there safely! Love your blog and so does my daughter...I think she's addicted to your site.