Art Attack

With my recent move, decorating has been at the forefront of my mind. When looking for unique & affordable artwork, Etsy is a wonderful place to shop. Art by Christel is currently having a 50% off moving sale. I love this artist's handpainted wooden photo frames, especially cherry fizz. And the retro tropical cocktail piece is perfect for summer. Wolfie and the Sneak is another great Etsy shop featuring animal pieces, such as the purple polka dotted giraffe. This artist even sales patterned paper perfect for gift wrapping, crafting & much more. What's really outstanding are the works of art featuring more intricate patterns. Cabin + Cub creates super cool wood-burned pieces. I am dying to get my hands on one of the squirrel & acorn woodburned pencil cases. And the art panels are very unique pieces that would spice up any space.


Jo said...

Hi Jessica - been a long time (unfortunately neglected the blogging world lately)
Just checked out Art by Christel, loving the Nuclear Night and Atomic Sunrise pieces!
Hope the decorating is going well.